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We always try to keep our content accessible to different levels of experience. PolyaMarla creates different types of offerings for people at all levels of understanding and awareness of non-monogamous relationship dynamics. Some are more introductory, while others are more involved. Check out the write-ups for our upcoming offerings to see what’s right for you.

Absolutely! Our goal is to support and promote healthy relationships of all kinds. While we focus on non-monogamous dynamics, ideally anyone can learn with us. If you’re only interested in learning more about non-monogamy concepts and practices, our programs for allies and loved ones might be right for you.

While we always appreciate seeing your shiny faces online (helping the cold internet feel a little more human), you can always keep your video off, change your username, and limit questions to the chat if you want to remain anonymous. We also upload recordings of courses for purchase at a later date. They do not include any portions of the events that involved live participant engagement (ie. Q&A period).

As part of creating a safer space for participants, we do not include breakout rooms in online programming, since we would not be able to monitor and support each group in a way that meets our standards. However, we sometimes use small group discussions for programming that takes place in person.

In order to maintain safer spaces for our community, participants in online programming do not have access to sending private messages to one another. Whenever there is a Q&A period, people can ask questions in the chat or by raising hands on video.

When we offer workshop opportunities with closed groups (ie. same small group of participants meeting multiple times for a series), there may be more opportunity to interact with other group members.

Education with PolyaMarla prepares you for the ‘school of life’. However, we are a far cry from the institution of academia.

We often provide opportunities for reflection, and other activities along the way, but you always get to choose how much you want to participate. No one is expected to do anything they don’t want to do, and we certainly don’t want to check anyone’s homework!

Ideally folx leave our programming with answers to questions, resources to dig deeper, and perhaps even a whole new load of questions to ask moving forward.

If you ever attend a multi-part event or training series, we may sometimes include some light activities between sessions (always self-directed).

If self-directed learning is your jam, you are welcome to purchase our pre-recorded programming as it becomes available. Once you receive the link for any pre-recorded content, it’s yours to come back to at your own pace.

Yes! Sign up for our newsletter sign up and follow us on social media to stay in the loop for upcoming in-person events. We are also available to speak at events if your organization or company are interested in having us as a facilitator or speaker.

We really appreciate this question, since it brings equity into focus:

On one hand, we recognize that finances are tight for so many of us right now, and splitting the cost of a course can make programs more accessible to those who might not otherwise be able to attend.

On the other hand, we are acutely aware of the way that couple’s privilege (or perhaps ‘group privilege’) enables people to split the cost of entry, whereas an individual would not have that option. We want to reflect accessibility for individuals as much as groups.

Ultimately the final choice is yours, and we ask that you please keep these points in mind as you make the best decision for yourself and our community.

At this time, we are not yet equipped to offer promotions or discounts for our services. However, we try to offer a variety of educational options at different price points in order to meet you where you’re at. Accessibility is a high priority for PolyaMarla, and we are committed to reevaluating pricing options as our situation changes.

Absolutely! Please email inquire@polyamarla.com if you are interested in having us speak at your event. Please note that this email is only used for speaking engagements and event inquiries.

We are available to speak at tailored workshops, panels, or staff trainings on topics that include: Healthy relationships, various topics in non-monogamy, effective communication strategies, impacts of trauma on relationships, understanding gender and sexuality, and much more. We are flexible and would be happy to discuss options with you at inquire@polyamarla.com.

While Marla also works as a counsellor, PolyaMarla is an educational portion of their practice. You can connect to Marla through the programming listed on this site, hire them for speaking engagements, or find them through their socials. You can also check out our resources page for different ways to locate the right fitting therapists near you.

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“It is so relieving to hear someone speak in a way that is so aligned with how I operate within my own consensual non-monogamy and relationships. Thank you for sharing.”
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"aligned with how I operate within my own relationships"

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Honouring Indigenous Land

Indigenous Peoples worldwide have been practicing healthy forms of non-monogamy long before the stigma of colonial rule. As PolyaMarla works to expand definitions of love and relationships, we pay tribute to the Original Peoples who resided on these Lands before they were colonized.

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"breaks down very complex concepts simply"

“...[PolyaMarla] has a talent for breaking down very complex concepts simply!”
– TikTok
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