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Portland Series: What Comes Next? Relationship Transitions

June 18 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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When we think of break-ups, we might imagine a kind of disconnection from partners or loved ones that looks like a stark ending. Maybe we never see or speak to each other again, maybe there’s harsh conflict and disdain… But what if we get along and still care for each other, and just want to evolve/transform the relationship into its next incarnation?

  • What if we want to de-escalate from partners to housemates?
  • What if we were in a triad* or quad* etc. and now it makes more sense for some of us to remain partners, and for others to shift to metamour* dynamics?
  • What if we want to shift from partners to co-parents?

PolyaMarla is taking our show on the road to collaborate with our friends at le colibri STUDIO. Join us live and online (via livestream) in Portland for our hybrid Out of the Question event. Upon signing up, you will have the opportunity to submit questions related to the topic online. Marla will do their best to synthesize questions and prepare answers for an hour, and the last 30 minutes will be open to a live Q&A period.

Please note that the first hour of Marla’s prepared content will be recorded. The last 30 minutes will not be recorded in order to maintain confidentiality of participants.


Language explained:

*Triad – Partnership of 3 people.

*Quad – Partnership of 4 people.

*Metamour – My partners’ other partners, who I am not dating. We date the same person or people.



• There are 6 steps to get into the venue. Once inside, there are 4 steps to get to the bathroom.

• There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages served on the premises.

• Unfortunately we are unable to provide ASL interpretation on site. However, for the online version of this event, captions will be available through Zoom.

• For those who are scent sensitive in our communities, we ask that everyone be mindful of not wearing any unecessary scented products. That said, we cannot guarantee a scent free space.

• A microphone and speakers will be used at this event to project volume.



Confidentiality matters to us. There will be photography at this event, mainly focused on the organizers and facilitator (unless otherwise authorized in person). However, we may capture some of our audience members from behind in certain photos. These photos may be used in future promotional materials for le colibri STUDIO and/or PolyaMarla. No identifying facial features will be used in our promotional materials. If you do NOT wish to be captured in any images, please speak with one of our organizers on site before the event starts, and we will be respectful of your confidentiality.


COVID & Community Care:

We ask that you please stay home and take care of yourself – and our community – in the case that you are not feeling well. Masks are encouraged as a preventative measure, but they are not a replacement for hanging back if you are sick.


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916 SE 34th Avenue Suite B
Portland, 97214 United States


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