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Portland Series: Ask Away: Understanding My Non-Monogamous Loved Ones

June 17 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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“Polyamory is a buzz right now, and I don’t quite get it. I really want to better understand my friends, family, and community members who are practicing different kinds of non-monogamy, but I don’t want to ask inappropriate questions or sound ignorant when speaking with them.”

PolyaMarla is taking our show on the road to collaborate with our friends at le colibri STUDIO. Join us live at a special residence in Portland for an evening of getting answers to the questions we may not know how to ask our non-monogamous loved ones comfortably. We all have to start learning somewhere, and we want to offer you a ‘cheat sheet’ to catch you up on these kinds of relationship structures.

We invite you to come with your burning questions, such as:

“Don’t you get jealous?”

“How do you protect yourself from STD’s/STI’s?”

“Are polyamory and polygamy the same thing?”

This workshop will be a blend of prepared teachings, small and large group discussions, a Q&A session, and an opportunity to learn alongside others who are just as curious as you are.

This event will be held at a private residence in NE Portland (Boise-Eliot neighbourhood). The address will be sent to all ticket holders within 72 hours of the event.



• This venue has 4 steps into the space where the event will be held, and bathrooms are accessible once inside.

• For those with cat allergies, there is a friendly kitten on the prowl.

• Unfortunately we are unable to provide ASL interpretation on site.

• For those who are scent sensitive in our communities, we ask that everyone be mindful of not wearing any unecessary scented products. That said, we cannot guarantee a scent free space.



Confidentiality matters to us. There will be photography at this event, mainly focused on the organizers and facilitator (unless otherwise authorized in person). However, we may capture some of our audience members from behind in certain photos. These photos may be used in future promotional materials for le colibri STUDIO and/or PolyaMarla. No identifying facial features will be used in our promotional materials. If you do NOT wish to be captured in any images, please speak with one of our organizers on site before the event starts, and we will be respectful of your confidentiality.


COVID & Community Care:

We ask that you please stay home and take care of yourself – and our community – in the case that you are not feeling well. Masks are encouraged as a preventative measure, but they are not a replacement for hanging back if you are sick.


Private Residence


Portland, OR United States






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