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Couple’s Privilege

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Couple’s privilege is something that can be overlooked in the context of non-monogamous relationships. Frequently we see the dynamic of a core couple (not just in hierarchical primary relationships, but also in anchor, nesting, parenting, etc. relationships). Making sure that dyads (partnerships of two people) are aware of the power they hold in the context of relationships with other partners and metamours ensures that they can address it from an ethical/empathetic perspective. This creates space for equity in relationships.

Through a lens of personal and professional experience, Marla will:

  1. Explain the concept of privilege and how it can show up for couples in Western society.
  2. Break down how couple’s privilege can impact everyone involved in the dynamics of non-monogamous partnerships and ‘constellations’ (all members connected within the relationship/partnership formation – including long distance partners, friends with benefits, casual relationships, committed partners, etc.)
  3. Identify the difference between equity and equality.
  4. Explore ways we can prioritize equity in order to make sure that everyone is being prioritized, and can feel safe and cared for.
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