Understanding non-monogamy is like learning a new language. PolyaMarla is here to teach you how to speak that language fluently.

Our Vibe

PolyaMarla’s engine is fuelled by a team of queer folx and allies from different backgrounds. While some of our content may challenge you, we seek to create safer spaces where we can engage and learn together with respect and empathy.
We do not tolerate intolerance.

Providing support and education


Our goal is to provide support and education for people who want to understand or practice non-monogamy. We advocate for the health of non-monogamous communities by offering services to people within, and adjacent to those communities.
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Helping people flourish in their relationships


We want to be part of creating a world that helps people flourish in their relationships, without fear of stigma or discrimination. We do this by sharing strategies, tools, and resources for understanding and building healthy non-monogamous relationships.
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PolyaMarla launches educational programming for those curious about and/or practicing non-monogamy.


Marla founded LovePlus Collective, a peer support group for the non-monogamous, where the PolyaMarla team first connected.


Opened therapy practice geared toward *2SLGBTQIA+ and non-monogamous communities.

*2 Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and beyond


Created and facilitated workshops for therapists as sensitivity training for working with non-monogamous communities.


Began facilitating sex education and professional workshops about non-monogamy after being trained as a sexual health educator.


Marla started their journey into polyamory, which ignited their passion for educating about this topic.

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Honouring Indigenous Land

Indigenous Peoples worldwide have been practicing healthy forms of non-monogamy long before the stigma of colonial rule. As PolyaMarla works to expand definitions of love and relationships, we pay tribute to the Original Peoples who resided on these Lands before they were colonized.

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“[PolyaMarla] is ABSOLUTELY making a huge impact in the world! Farther than they will ever know! Thank you! You have forever changed my life.”
– Rachel Weinstock - Anti-Bullying Speaker & Advocate

"You have forever changed my life."

Dig even deeper to satisfy your curiosity

Like you, they are a fabulous and sometimes messy human being. As a member of so many of the communities they support, Marla takes accountability when they’ve made mistakes, and doesn’t shy away from challenging conversations.

More About Marla

Marla (they/them pronouns) is a relationship therapist and educator specializing in non-monogamy and *2SLGBTQIA+ identities. They have been practicing polyamory since 2005, and facilitating programs on the subject since 2009. (*2Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and beyond)
Studying Human Relations and Sexuality spurred them toward program planning and facilitation in the areas of gender, sexuality, anti-bullying, and human rights. After completing a Master’s of Social Work, Marla began working as a therapist where they hold space through a trauma-informed lens. As they support others, they continue to explore how intersectional parts of their identity are interconnected with social systems of privilege, power, and oppression.
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Marla values transparency about their own political positioning

Born and raised in Tiohtià:ke (colonially known as Montréal, Canada), Marla values transparency about their own political positioning. In a short-but-dense nutshell: Marla is a White, Queer, polyamorous, gender-defiant, neurodivergent, settler of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry on Turtle Island (aka North America). They currently live in the woods outside of Tkaronto (aka Toronto) after leaving that big city behind in 2020.

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What Marla’s Been Up To

Workshop Healthy Polyamory: For Those Who’ve Been Hurt

After years of facilitating in person, Marla took a shot at their first online workshop.

Contemporary Relationships Conference

Marla went to Kentucky, where they led a workshop advocating for non-monogamy sensitivity training for professionals.

Contributing Author

Marla contributed a chapter to Be Who You Needed, a book for caring adults in support of young people, by Rachel Weinstock.

Professional Service Opportunities

Looking for something beyond our scheduled programming? Here are more ways we can work together.

Professional Service Opportunities


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“I am consistently impressed by the way [Marla] talks about these topics.”
– TikTok

"consistently impressed"

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